Monday, December 5, 2011

HaMapah/The Map a hit at Rhodes College, Memphis

We just received these testimonials.  Wow!  Thank you, Rhodes!
Adam and Daniel

"Breath taking. Moving. Powerful. The positively best performance I have seen since moving to Memphis!"
- Rhodes Faculty Member

"HaMapah took my breath away. I could not speak right after the performance. I wanted to sit in silence with my thoughts and feelings."
- Patron of McCoy Theatre

"I have never seen anything like it before. It is a new way to tell a story…for me to hear and see a story!"
- Rhodes Student

"On September 9, 2011, McCoy Theatre had the honor of hosting HaMapah. The incredible performance took us on a journey that was not only moving and powerful, but gave us all a sense of hope. The discussion and workshops that followed opened doors for individuals who believed they had no voice, connected individuals who believed they were different and separate from others, and for a brief moment united all present in the awareness of what we could be—what we could do.
This team is so important right now! Uniting our histories, our stories, our humanity; allowing us the ability to actually connect and discover how to truly give and take. These two artists give me hope!”
- Cookie Ewing, Artistic Director, McCoy Theatre