Monday, May 30, 2011

Enchanting Evening at Encantado

Wonderful friends, subscribers and random readers! It is me again, here to fill you in on some exciting news and mostly, to write about a wonderful experience I had last week. As most of you know, I am a recent MFA Dramatic Writing graduate. What is a writer doing working for DNAWORKS? Well, personally, I was attracted to this company because of their passion for creating opportunities and experiences that shape artists into effective leaders. Dialogue and healing is not just a slogan, they are indeed the key ingredients that are poured into a large amount of artistic creation and mixed with (my favorite ingredient) authentic relationships with their communities. A testament to this was evident in a meeting with Encantado Resort in Santa Fe, NM. Part of the famous Auberge family of resorts, Encantado Resort recently supported DNAWORKS’ work by providing space and lodging for the weekend residency of a composer from Germany and a NYC playwright who are working with Daniel and Adam on a new opera. I will soon post testimonials from their experiences there as part of this blog.
Personally, I am a sucker for any business that supports the arts and especially those that are really invested in what they are supporting. What I mean is that Encantado does not only give their support as a type of transaction. It is a relationship. They truly are interested in supporting artists that can, in turn, offer their guests a unique experience. DNAWORKS is building a relationship with them to be part of this mission.
I was also amazed at how eco-friendly the resort is. I witnessed with my own eyes the effective implementation of everything eco-friendly on their premises.  Encantado, which means enchanted in Spanish, is just that. An enchanting platform for people of all disciplines that come together and relax, enjoy, grow, and experience. I look forward to the exciting possibilities of our future collaboration with them. I think DNAWORKS and Encantado are a perfect match for each other. I was happy to be there to witness one experience of what I am sure will be many. I am certain that the guests, friends and supporters of the Auberge Resorts find this sort of magic in every visit. For that, I thank you, Encantado Resort…for that simple kind of magic.
Until Next Time
Georgina H. Escobar
Program Manager, DNAWORKS

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