Monday, January 28, 2013

Adam McKinney selected as LEAD:NM Fellow

We are proud to announce that Adam McKinney will be part of the first cohort of LEAD:NM.  LEAD stands for Leadership for Excellence, Accountability, and Diversity. 

LEAD is “an initiative created to recruit, select, develop, and mentor high-potential minority education leaders in pursuit of excellence in public schools.” 

The cohort will meet over a 10-month period uniting individuals all across New Mexico.  Our schools rank poorly amongst the nation and we can work together as a community to change this. 
Adam’s platform statement:

“As an arts educator, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the ways in which exposure to arts education can save lives. As a community, we must support public schools in:
1. Investing in culturally arts-based training and education for our tireless educators;
2. Creating historical contexts for teaching about and healing the hurts of oppression; and
3. Implementing peer-based learning opportunities by focusing on and funding technology initiatives.”

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